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The new Introduction to Emergency Communications course includes updated content from the previous Basic Emergency Communications Level 1 course, as well as some content previously included in the former Level 2 course. The EmComm training program has been restructured to offer two courses: This enhanced basic course for EmComm volunteers who want to serve as part of an ARES® response team and the management course -- Public Service and Emergency Communication Management for Radio Amateurs (EC-016, also available on the ARRL website) -- for those who are serving in ARES® leadership and management roles.

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To learn more, visit the CCE Course Listing page or contact the Continuing Education Program Coordinator.

Check out our Training Page for Additional Information on Training Opportunities !


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"Amateur Radio - The only fail-safe method of communication."

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"Amateur Radio - The Last Line of Defense"

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Hall of Fame Festival
Terry Russ, N8ATZ - Stark Co EC

    (UPDATED JUL 19, 2015) (Jun 2, 2015) - -  The annual Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival will soon be here and team leaders are busy looking for volunteers to fill the many open spots for both the Community Parade on Sunday, July 26th followed by the Timken Steel Grand Parade on Saturday, August 8th.

Terry Russ, N8ATZ is communications coordinator for the Community Parade on July 26th. The parade steps off at 2:30 PM. Volunteers should be in place by 2:00 PM.

Wade Huthmacher, WD8MIU is coordinator for the Grand Parade on Saturday, August 8nd. Volunteers should be in place by 6:30 AM.

Complete volunteer information will be posted on the Stark County ARES website at www.wd8aye.net as the date gets closer. This has always been the largest volunteer communications event handled by Stark County amateurs. Please consider helping us with either of these events.

The Volunteer Appreciation Party is on Friday, July 24th starting at 5:30 PM. You will need a ticket for entry. Food and beverages will be served. Contact one of the communications coordinators if you plan on attending the party. You must be a minimum 21 years of age to attend the party.

Marshal Training and Radio Volunteer Training will be conducted on Tuesday, July 28th and repeated on Thursday, July 30th. Training will begin at 5:30 PM at the Sippo Park Library just off 12st Street in Perry Heights. New volunteers can pick up their parade T-shirt at these training meetings. Wade and I are making arrangements to pickup Volunteer Appreciation Party Tickets and will distribution them as soon as we have an accurate count. Please let us know if you would like a ticket for the Appreciation Party ASAP !

Tentative Grand Parade Assignments have been completed. Click Here to download a pdf list of the route assignments.

Click Here to download a pdf list of the route assignments for the Sunday Community Parade.

Terry, N8ATZ can be reached at (330) 837-3091 or email to truss@sssnet.com. Wade,WD8MIU phone is (330) 704-2100 and email to wd8miu@gmail.com.

2014 SET Results
Stan Broadway, N8BHL - Section  EC

(Jun 20, 2015) - -  Hey everyone-  When I returned from the District 3 meeting today (excellent job, folks!) I found my QST. In the public service section is a review of SET for 2014.  The Ohio Section looked pretty good!! We were number 3 in the SET Top Ten with 3808 points, our section and local nets were in fourth place with 1105!   

Our SET last fall was designed to be simple (and short!) yet effectively test our ability to activate and deploy.  You all did an absolutely GREAT job!!  Hats off to all of you who participated.

Kudo's to Stark County for their participation in the SET. EC Terry Russ, N8ATZ convened a net as requested by the District EC and added multiple check-ins and 30 points to our Section total. 

SET in Ohio this year will be on the prescribed date (October 3)  and will be an all-day Saturday event. We’re working on the plan now. Many of you have been interested in our proposals, we’ll make sure you are alerted well in advance so your county can plan and execute!  I can tell you that one goal I have is to absolutely bombard Gary and the OHDEN with messages! 

Severe Weather Report
Terry Russ, N8ATZ - Stark Co EC

(Jun 19, 2015) - - Situation update to the severe weather pattern that came through Stark County last Thursday.

Our initial evaluation of the area shows most of the damage occurred in the Uniontown and Hartville areas.  According to the NWS the winds in our area reached 80 mph.  The wind damage path is several miles wide with a smaller intense path approximately 300 ft wide.  This path was located in the area of the Uniontown Fire Department to the intersection of Smith-Kramer, Middle Branch and Market Avenue following a path to State Route 44 in Marlboro Township. 

The NWS will be out later today to evaluate the pattern of damage to the area.  There is a possibility that this smaller intense path of damage is consistent with tornado activity.  The NWS suggests at this time without further evaluation that it is possible to have had a small tornado embedded within the larger storm. 

All the resource needs in the damaged areas were met locally with the Red Cross providing canteen services to local responders until 3:30 am.  One person was provided shelter by the Red Cross due to specific medical needs. 

The NWS has determined that Stark County had an EF-1 tornado estimated to be 100 yards wide at 105 mph.  The tornado touched down in Uniontown and traveled East-SE along an intermittent path for approximately 9 miles.  Most of the damage was to trees being uprooted or snapped half way up.  A newly constructed dairy barn in Marlboro Township in the area of Rt 44 and Peters Church road had significant roof damage.  Minor roof and siding damage to homes was observed along the path. 

Throughout the event Stark County Skywarn was activated and maintained close communication with the Stark County EMA office in case our assistance was requested.

Updated ARES Manual Now Online
Terry Russ, N8ATZ - Stark Co EC

    (May 25, 2015) - - The latest edition (March 2015) of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES) Manual now is online.

This edition includes various Incident Command System (ICS) forms for ARES use, clarifies the role of the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES), contains an improved chapter on ARES training, and includes all current ARRL memoranda of understanding/agreement.

ARES consists of Amateur Radio licensees who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment for communication duty in the public service, when disaster strikes. Every licensed amateur, regardless of ARRL membership, is eligible to apply for ARES membership.

New System Fusion Repeater "On-Line"
Terry Russ, N8ATZ - Stark Co EC

(May 1, 2015) - -  After over 30 years of faithful community service, on Thursday, April 23rd Stark Co ARES installed the new Yaesu System Fusion Digital Repeater replacing our old GE Master II repeater and the ACC RC-850 Controller.

The new system is currently running at 20 watts output while we make running adjustments to various aspects of repeater operation. The few tests we have run so far would indicate excellent receiver performance with transmit range equal or better that the GE System. Please note that the new system runs full time PL. It will now be necessary for you to set your radio's transmit a PL Encode tone of 110.9 Hz. This should help with dependable operation during band openings and other interference. The system is housed is our existing cabinet. A picture of show below.

One new aspect of this system that users will discover is that it has no hang time or reset courtesy tone. Another change is it has no voice, all ID functions will be made in CW only. This is a no Bells or Whistles unit. Also we regret that for now, we have suspended the replay of Amateur Radio Newsline. We are looking into ways to restore this feature in the future.

The new system will be a big change from our GE unit, in that we now have a state of the art repeater. While the new unit supports the C4FM Digital Voice Technology, it has been set to operate traditional analog FM made.

With the installation of this new technology the repeater will primarily serve the ARES for our public service activities and support our Skywarn operations.

Feel free to contact us to express your thoughts and concerns on the new system.

Thanks for your continued support of Stark County ARES.

Terry, N8ATZ - Stark County EC.

System Fusion in Cabinet


ARES Activation
Terry Russ, N8ATZ - Stark Co EC

 (Jan 19, 2015) - - Stark County ARES was activated the evening of January 13th when a telephone outage caused by an equipment failure in a Summit County AT&T switching station caused multiple equipment failures throughout the area. Here in Stark County local emergency service phone line failure resulted in an emergency declaration and the Stark County EMA office was activated.

EMA Director Tim Warstler requested ARES activation to provide communications and logistics support to his office. ARES member David Beltz was first to respond to the office at 9:00 PM only to find that our equipment had been temporarily removed as building renovation was in process.  Dave contacted EC Terry Russ to respond as well. Our portable equipment kit was brought to the EOC to establish communications. Antennas had also been removed and thanks to support from local radio station WHBC and their remote truck, station engineer Dale Lamm, NX8J, we were able to setup a temporary antenna. This completed we established a net on our ARES Repeater.

During net operations, we made contact with the multiple EMA offices affected by the phone outage. We were also in contact with the Ohio EMA office in Columbus. During the next four hours we helped maintain communications links with multiple offices and public safety forces as well as staff the MARCS Statewide Radio System. The Massillon ARC offered the use of their Communications Trailer in case support equipment was needed.

Stark County Sheriff George Maier and EMA Director Tim Warstler were thankful for area amateurs quick response to this short communications emergency. Full phone service was restored and by approximately 1:30 AM we closed down the emergency net and operations from the EOC. 

Click Here to read the ARRL recap of the comm emergency.

County EC Terry, N8ATZ operates using our Go-Box from the radio room.
(Photo courtesy of Dale Lamm, NX8J)

Repeater Update
Terry Russ, N8ATZ - Stark Co EC

 (Jan 3, 2015) - - Since about 1980, Mercy Medical Center has been the home of the Stark County Amateur Radio Emergency Services 147.12 MHz two meter repeater and has served the county faithfully during that entire time. It's primary mission is to support our ARES program and the many served agencies we support including Stark County EMA, Red Cross and the many public safety departments and events we assist with each year.

During that time the repeater has been extremely reliable requiring only minor repair and tune-up. The basic RF equipment is based on General Electric Master II commercial grade transmitter and receiver. The controller is the ACC RC-850 series repeater controller, state of the art at the time.

Since it's construction over 30 years ago it has performed well, a remarkable achievement. The last several years however, both the repeater and controller have showed their age. While the controller is still working, numerous features are slowly failing. The controller was based on now obsolete technology and parts and service are no longer readily available.

In order to maintain the high standard of service and reliability our members and served agencies have come to depend on, the time has come to consider upgrading our system. Several months ago, I was made aware of a new self contained state of the art repeater and control system recently introduced by Yeasu Communications. It is called the DR-1X Digital Repeater System. The unit supports both current analog communications and new digital technology that has been used in commercial services for many years.

Thanks to a current promotional program, Stark County ARES is eligible to participate in this program and can obtain this system for a substantially discounted price. While this new system would be a great benefit to our ARES program, there are a few features that as yet are not supported. The main limitation is that the system has no voice capability, all announcements are in CW only. While not a large issue, it would mean we could no longer have the ability of providing our weekly Newsline Report during our Tuesday net. This might be possible using an external control means, not yet available on this unit. We know new enhancements are on the drawing board.

We would like to hear your comments and feedback regarding our proposed equipment upgrade plan. Feel free to email me with your comments. If you would like to hear this system in actual use, one is operating on the Massillon ARC's 147.18 MHz club repeater.

The loss of our existing repeater system would be a great hardship to our area and our ability to continue to provide effective public service support communications.

Thank You for supporting Stark County ARES.
Terry Russ, N8ATZ  County EC.

"Go-Box" Version 2.0
Terry Russ, N8ATZ - Stark Co EC

 (Dec 27, 2014) - - While I was very satisfied with my latest Equipment or Go-Box based on the Gator 8U Rack Mount Case, it did have several limitations. On my latest design, I tried to correct these limitations and come up with a more useful Field Box.  The full report including several pictures is posted on the Projects Page.  Have a look at it and let me know what you think.

ARES Safety Vests
Terry Russ, N8ATZ - Stark Co EC

 (Nov 25, 2014) - - Many times during public service drills and exercises, amateurs may find themselves shadowing event organizers or exposed to highway traffic hazards. This is especially true during bike-a-thons and marathons.

The safety of our communications volunteers is always important while we provide our service. One way to help increase our visibility is to wear a safety vest. These vests come in a variety of styles and price ranges. While there is no specific ARES Standard here in Stark County a good basic standard is a yellow class 2 safety vest.

The ARRL style comes in yellow and is Class 2 compliant. The cost is $24.95 and ranges in size from Medium to 3X-Large. A nice feature is that it is imprinted with the words "Amateur Radio Emergency Communications" on the back side. It has several pockets and uses a velco strip along the front.

During the Massillon Hamfest ARES member Ted Armstrong showed us a very nice heavy duty Class 2 vest from M. L. Kishigo, a company known for producing superior quality hi-visibility garments. This design, also in safety yellow, is a zippered closure with webbing reinforcement. It comes with 2 lower outside cargo pockets with adjustable flaps. It also has one right chest 2-Tier pencil pocket, one left chest heavy duty gusseted radio pocket perfect to hold your hand held. The price is only $19.95 plus shipping. This model does not come with any lettering but there are several local vendors where you can have this done.

The manufacturer also offers additional items including Arm Band ID Holders and multiple styles of reflective safety hats.

Their website is http://www.hi-vizsafetywear.com/safety-vests/MK-1513-14.html.

While it is not necessary to have a safety vest to participate in Stark Co ARES, they can be a nice addition to your equipment too kit !  


The M. L. Kishigo style Safety Vest.

ARES Readiness Update
Terry Russ, N8ATZ - Stark Co EC

  (Oct 18, 2014) - - Massillon City officials have initiated an incident command system (ICS) as a precautionary measure in the event of a local emergency relating to Ebola. ICS is a military-style command structure used to coordinate response to emergencies and has been part of the Stark County ARES training for many years.

Massillon City Health Commissioner Terri Argent noted that the agency is ramping up and maintaining communications daily with city safety forces in order to be able to respond quickly if an emergency occurs.

City Safety-Service Director Al Hennon, Fire Chief Tom Burgasser and Argent meet daily to discuss the status of this issue and how it might relate to the city. The Canton City Health Department has also implemented a similar response system in the event of an emergency.

Stark County ARES maintains communications with our County EMA office and would be ready if called upon to provide support communications to area hospitals, health departments and the EOC if needed.


The Equipment Box Primer
Terry Russ, N8ATZ -  Emergency Coordinator


 (Feb 2, 2014) - - An equipment or "Go-Box" is quickly becoming an essential part of every radio amateur involved in public service communications. More and more, amateurs are being tasked to quick deploy to everything from local public service drills to disaster scenes.


Equipment Boxes have been showcased at several Ohio Section ARES meetings and I have posted several of my designs on this website the past year. I have received a few emails asking for more information on the topic and have added some additional information on the Projects Page of this website. Additional pictures of several of my own designs are included as well as a link to many shown during the past Ohio Section ARES meetings.


If any of you have built your own versions we would be happy to include them on the page. Send me a short recap of your design with pictures if you have them and I will post them.


A portable Go-Box can be a great project and very useful when you need additional capability during an ARES event.


Click Here for a direct link to our Project Page.


Don Wade, W8DEA receives Public Service Award
Terry Russ, N8ATZ -  Emergency Coordinator

  (Jan 20, 2014) - - The Massillon Amateur Radio Club recognized club member Don Wade, W8DEA with their annual Public Service Award for 2013 during their annual Awards Banquet on Saturday, January 11th. Don is also part of Stark Co ARES as an Assistant EC in charge of our training program.

A past recipient of this award, Don again demonstrated his commitment to our community and the Amateur Radio Service during 2013 on assignment throughout the country with FEMA working in the aftermath of several major disasters providing support to victims at relief centers. Once this mission was finished, often requiring several months or more away from home, Don returned to Stark County to resume serving his club and the ARES.

Congratulations to Don for this well deserved recognition !

MARC President Mike Sciarini, WA8MKH presents Don (R)  with his Public Service Award.

ARRL ARES E-Letter Posted
Terry Russ, N8ATZ -  Emergency Coordinator

   (Jul 3, 2015) --  The  June 17, 2015 edition of The ARES E-Letter is currently posted and includes the following highlights; Hurricane Season 2015: Florida Statewide Hurricane Exercise Helps ARES Plan, Prepare Hurricane Center Station Tests Positive Exercise Regimen of City ARES/RACES Group in California, A Model of Excellence New Workbook/Workshops are Part Mission Critical in Texas Letters: ARES/SAR Operations Save Lives in New Mexico ARRL Eastern Pennsylvania Section: A Hotbed of Public Events, Service Santa Clara County (California) ARES/RACES Mesh Networking for Event/Incident Response K1CE for a Final  You can read the entire newsletter on the ARRL website. Click Here for a direct link.

 - National ARES News  - 

Several States Recognized Amateur Radio Over Field Day
Courtesy of the ARRL

(Jul 4, 2015) - - Several US states, counties, and communities this month took the opportunity to formally recognize the value of Amateur Radio and the occasion of ARRL Field Day.

Connecticut Gov Dannel Malloy has proclaimed June 22-28 as Amateur Radio Week. His proclamation noted that the ARRL is headquartered in Connecticut and has been “promoting and advancing the art, science, and enjoyment of Amateur Radio” for more than 100 years. Gov Malloy cited Amateur Radio’s public service contributions as well as its role in providing “a bridge between peoples, societies, and countries.”

Florida Gov Rick Scott has proclaimed June 21-27 as Amateur Radio Week in his state. Scott cited Amateur Radio as a “critical communication link in the event of a disaster,” noting the services that Amateur Radio Emergency Service volunteers provide in Florida’s three ARRL sections. Gov Scott also expressed appreciation for SKYWARN volunteers, many of them radio amateurs, who serve as weather spotters to assist the National Weather Service.  READ MORE...

Ohio Governor John R. Kasich also issued a resolution recognizing the contributions and importance of the Ohio amateur radio operators role in preparing for public service and emergency communications.

Florida Hurricane Exercise Helps ARES Plan, Prepare for 2015 Hurricane Season
Courtesy of the ARRL

  (Jun 19, 2015) - - On the eve of the 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season, Amateur Radio Emergency Service volunteers from Florida’s three ARRL Sections took part in a statewide hurricane response and communications exercise. Hurricane season began June 1 and continues through November. Florida is no stranger to hurricanes and other severe weather, including tropical storms and tornadoes, and it is not the home of the National Hurricane Center (and its WX4NHC) by chance.

The objectives of the May 30 exercise were to evaluate current procedures and preparedness, identify possible areas for improvement, and achieve a collaborative posture with partner agencies. A major goal was to assess the ability of participants to establish and maintain multidisciplinary communication networks during a response to a Category 3 hurricane making land fall in Florida. During the exercise, participants responded to simulated events and information as they would have done in a real emergency.  READ MORE....

Amateur Radio Volunteers Muster for "Unprecedented" Weather Event
Courtesy of the ARRL

A GOES satellite image showing water vapor over the US. [NOAA image]  (May 27, 2015) - - When extremely heavy rainfall hit Texas and Oklahoma over the Memorial Day holiday weekend, Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and SKYWARN volunteers scrambled to assist local emergency operations centers and National Weather Service (NWS) offices.

“This has probably been the most significant weather event to hit Texas,” ARRL South Texas Section Manager Lee Cooper, W5LHC. “We have had major tropical storms and hurricane events, but the widespread combination of heavy rains, tornadoes, and flooding all at same time and covering two-thirds of the state, is pretty much unprecedented for us.”

Oklahoma Section Emergency Coordinator Mark Conklin, N7XYO, said communication systems in his state have, for the most part, remained unaffected by the flooding. “[There have been] no deployments or activations by any ARES-OK groups,” Conklin told ARRL. “All of the American Red Cross shelters are able to communicate via cell phone or normal land lines.”  Read More.....

   Monitor the 147.12 Mhz Repeater for Severe Weather information here in Stark County !


Our thanks to Mercy Medical Center for their commitment to the Stark County Amateur Radio Emergency Service and First Communications for their support of Stark County Winlink.

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Welcome to the new Stark County ARES Website. The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) consists of licensed Amateur Radio operators who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment for communications duty in the public interest when disaster strikes.


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The Stark County ARES has always been dedicated to the completion of three goals. One, to provide the citizens of Stark County and local Public Service officials with a team of highly skilled and dedicated radio operators ready to assist when needed. Two, to provide Stark County amateurs with a full featured, reliable wide area coverage ARES Repeater. And three, to provide an information service for both amateurs and the community.

With the redesign of this website, we hope we have accomplished this mission. We welcome your comments.


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July News

A new ARES On-Line Registration form is being tested on the website. Using this form you can complete a new or update your existing ARES Volunteer Registration Status.


2016 Stark Co ARES meeting schedule will be posted when dates are set.

Meetings will be on Thursday Evenings at the Stark County EOC Office beginning at 7:00 PM. 

Stark Co ARES Repeater is on 147.12+, PL 110.9

County Winlink RMS Packet Relay is on 145.07 Simplex. Callsigns are N8ATZ-10 (Eastern Stark Node) and WA8GXM-10 (Western Stark Node).


Ohio Section ARES News is available on the Ohio ARES Website. Click Here to read the latest Section News. 


Click Here to see some simple ARES portable antenna mounts you can use during local public service drills and events.

Review Current Activities in the Stark County Winlink Initiative.


Powerpoleing Your Power Connections

  The ARRL recently reviewed a new website that does a great job of describing the Anderson Powerpole connectors. The site describes the connectors in detail and provides tips on assembling and using them on your equipment.

For higher power rigs and DC power supplies, the Anderson Powerpole is the emerging National ARES/RACES standard.

The site also contains links for additional Amateur Radio Emergency Communications ideas, a portable EC station and a Quick Response Team Go Kit. This site has lots of useful ARES information, well beyond the powerpole ideas.

Click Here to visit the site.


New Emergency Communications Handbook

The ARRL announces a new emergency communications handbook for all hams that volunteer their skills in public service applications. The handbook includes details on basic emergency communications skills, message handling, and much more. This reference will help you to understand the public service role amateurs will play and what to take along.

The Handbook is 176 pages and costs $ 19.95 plus shipping from the ARRL and other dealers.

(Mar 26, 2006) -- The ARRL has introduced a new Emergency Communications Catalog containing a host of items using the "When All Else Fails" theme. The items are a great reminder that Amateur Radio provides immediate, high-quality communications that work every time, when all else fails.

The items include T-Shirts, Pins, Stickers, Patches, Magnetic Signs, Banners, a Coffee Mug and Key Chain all carrying the "When All Else Fails" theme. Click Here to visit the catalog.


Click Here to download a current ARES Registration Form. Help us keep your record current !

Anderson Power Pole Connectors, the defacto standard for ARES power connections. 


Other News

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2010 HOF Festival Timken Grand Parade....

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Alliance ARC Take Part in Drill.

Stark ARES Attends District Meeting.

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Stark ARES & MARC Assist With 2009 Annual MS Walk.

MARC Assists With Massillon Holiday Parade.

Hurricane Ike's Winds Hit Stark County.

Stark ARES Assists With Akron Marathon.

March 2008 Winlink Updates

ARES Teams Activated for Northwest Near Record Flooding.

MARC Assists With Annual MS Walk.

ARRL Board Accepts NERPC Report.

Airmail Station Completed at Mercy Medical Center.

Stark County ARES Part of OEHA Fall Conference.

Remember the Ohio ARES Net every Sunday at 5:00 PM on 3875 Mhz !              

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The Official Stark County ARES Name Badge Supplier. Click on the logo for details.


The Stark County ARES is a proud supporter of the Annual Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival providing communications support for over 25 years !



Stark County EMA is now on Facebook. They will use the new social media site to provide ongoing public information about disaster related issues in the county.

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Look for them by going to "starkcountyema" on facebook.  


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